Why SmallGyfts

We believe for communities to thrive you need strong, socially-concious, local businesses who give back. The best way to encourage this behavior is to shop locally and support these businesses.

SmallGyfts connects givers: people who support local charities, businesses who give back and organizations who improve the community.

Pick your church, your school or your favorite nonprofit then earn donations for them by shopping with local businesses. Team up with fellow supporters to turn small donations, "small gifts", into funding for your charities.

Join our community. Get SmallGyfts, the app givers use to raise money for their charities.

What is SmallGyfts?

SmallGyfts is a mobile app that allows you to raise money for local charities while you shop for yourself. Scan special SmallGyfts tags when you shop at businesses to earn donations for your church, school or nonprofits. Use it also to connect with your favorite people, places or things. Scan to get deals on your mobile phone or scan other SmallGyfts members to swap profiles and share info.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE! Members never have to pay to use the service, ever!

Where can I find it?

Find SmallGyfts tags in retails stores, restaurants, galleries and at popular events. Scan to get donations, deals and info you can use right away. Each SmallGyfts member also has a personal tag you can scan to swap profiles. Become an advocate! Tell your favorite places to sign up to offer SmallGyfts.

How do I sign-up?

Click Sign-up to get started. After you do, select the charities you want to support then shop with local businesses to collect donations and deals. SmallGyfts? tracks the amount you've raised, places you've been and people you've met. Sign-up once and use it everywhere.

What do I need to use it?

You need a smart phone with a camera, the ability to download an iPhone or Andriod app and a good cell or wi-fi connection.

Download the SmallGyfts or Try2See app to get started


Does it track where I go?

SmallGyfts logs your visits when you scan in. This is saved in your profile so you can see how much you've earned for your charities, where you've been and people you've met. This also tells merchants who are their loyal customers so they can offer better rewards. We do not broadcast your location. You choose when to scan in and you control what information others can see. Businesses and people that you interact with can communicate with you but you control this with your privacy settings.

Tell me more

  1. You can update your user profile to block email or notifications - this limits what you see and what you get but the info is saved in your profile so you can review places you've been.
  2. You can scan in completely anonymously by not logging into SmallGyfts - this limits what you may see and get and no info is saved in your profile.
  3. You can mark your personal infomation as private.
  4. You can select "unsubscribe" to prevent a merchant from sending you emails in the future via SmallGyfts.

Click here to request more info.

Why is it good for my business?

SmallGyfts helps you to attract passionate customers to your business who appreciate that you give back. Offer donations to increase foot traffic from shoppers who want to raise money for their charities and grow your sales. SmallGyfts tracks all donations so you also earn a year-end tax deduction.

What is the cost to my business?

There are no subscription costs. Just purchase SmallGyfts credits to offer charitable donations as a reward for your customers. Sign up your business to offer SmallGyfts to increase foot traffic, maximize customer retention and increase your sales.

How much of our donations go to the charity?

100% of the total amount collected is paid to charities. Donations are distributed to charities that earn $25 or more during the quarter on March 30, June 30, September 30 and December 30.

How can we use it?

Using SmallGyfts to allow your customers to raise money for their charities provides positive exposure for your business. Charities will direct their supporters to businnesses offering SmallGyfts and will generate extra foot traffic from shoppers that want to raise money for their charities.

How do I sign-up my business?

Click Sign-up to create your business profile. When you do, you get access to a portal that lets you customize your business profile and the information to deliver to your customers. Print out your SmallGyfts table tent and start connecting with customers immediately.

What do we need to use it?

We will provide a window decal to show shoppers that you are a "community giver". We will also provide a set of table tents to tell your customers about the program and how they can download the app. Just display your SmallGyfts table tent to let customers signup and start using the app.

Use any web browser to access your business portal and update your offers, sign in customers that do not have mobile phones or offer charitable donations. Customers must use the SmallGyfts app and have a good mobile or wi-fi connection.

How does it help my customers?

SmallGyfts logs when customers scan in. This helps you to know who are your loyal customers so you can offer them rewards based on how frequently they visit your business. Offer charitable donations to connect with shoppers who want to raise money for their charity and show your support for your community. Download reports to measure the effectiveness of your promotions and follow up with customers to offer them deals and invite them back to shop.

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